Our team , is totally devoted to advertising. Because, we love advertising’s creative power and its ability to reproduce capital and recreate the world.

We do business with a sense of professionality that is sacred to us. But we also believe that humans are the most sacred aspect of life. So, we refuse to serve “polluting” industries such as tobacco, arms & defence.

We believe that, the real basis of existence of an agency is creativity and ideas. For us, creativity is impossible without freedom and advertising is impossible without creativity.

We believe that, creativity is a necessity for differentiating brands, not the agencies or their staff.

We belive that creativity means simplicity. We try hard to find the simplest solutions and convince our clients that simple works.

And we deeply know that the creativity has no meaning at all, without any sales targets.

Because we believe that,
it is not creative unless it sells!


Öykü is a proud member of dialogue*international, the leading independent agencies network of the world.

Operating in 25 countries and 27 offices worldwide, dialogue*international is a network that transforms local experience into global success stories.